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Home to the fastest tidal currents in New Zealand and often described as "The South Island's Jurassic Park", there is no surprise why Giant Kingfish and Monster Snapper call this rugged Island home.

D'Urville Island's unique underwater structures and nutrient-rich waters create the right formula for many fish species to thrive. Neighbouring the treacherous Cook Strait, D'Urville's sea conditions are very susceptible to large swell and gale winds, making this fishing mecca difficult to access without a calm weather forecast.



The winterless far north. Located at the very top of the North Island, the weather is warm, the fish are big and the fishing variety is even bigger, Houhora has it all.


Some of the biggest Snapper on the planet inhabit this isolated region, Snapper in excess of 20lbs are not uncommon with some even breaking the legendary 30lb mark. Large Kingfish are found all throughout the region, from the deep offshore reefs right up to the harbour shallows, you never know where a monster Kingfish might turn up. The warm summer ocean welcomes the arrival of the big game species, like Marlin and Tuna. Blue Marlin pulling the scales over 400kg and the rare Black Marlin are known to be caught in this region. The Far North is where it's at!


Fiordland truly is one of the most beautiful places on earth. It is hard to describe the peace, serenity and isolation that is experienced when surrounded by the steep Fiords.


The pristine ocean that fills up the deep extensive valleys creates habitat for millions of crayfish, a healthy population of inshore Hāpuku and the prized Bluefin Tuna. Fiordland's fishery is very special, Bluefin Tuna, an offshore big game species, can be caught within the Fiords, only meters from land, Hāpuku can be caught in under 10 meters of water, just like they used to be many years ago before fishing pressure forced them into deep water, and Crayfish swarm cracks and crevices in as shallow as knee deep water.

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